Four musicians come together to present an enthralling three-part concert experience that is not to be missed. Essar and Dhillon dynamically weave traditional Indian Classical stylings alongside Afghan folk tunes. Kamaljeet & Jas Ahluwalia’s virtuosic performances are at the very forefront of contemporary Indian Classical. As a vibrant conclusion, all four musicians come together on stage to present folk music of Punjab as well as light classical forms. Their performances span from the sacred to the cerebral, are filled with dignity and humor, and a delight for the senses.



Kamaljeet & Jas Ahluwalia are part of the new wave of Asian musicians emerging from the western hemisphere. Kamaljeet uses her Indian classical roots to walk an innovative path on the Santoor, a rare and exquisite hammered dulcimer/zither that can simultaneously explore sublime melodies and intricate rhythmic patterns.  Her husband Jas, plays the illustrious Tabla.  Kamaljeet and Jas have brought their spiritually rooted relationship to the stage and have developed a rapport than can only come from a true understanding of one another.  Their performances are an instrumental Indian Classical journey that takes audiences from meditative introspection to dazzling energy-filled heights.





Qais Essar and Neelamjit Dhillon are award winning composer-performers that express their traditional classical roots in contemporary ways. Essar channels his melodic designs through the rabab, a 2,500 year old instrument from Afghanistan. Dhillon skilled in both North Indian classical and American jazz music, performs duo with Essar on the Indian tabla. Their music is a reflection of identity, spirituality, and a vision for promoting a more equitable and just society through shared experience and collective action. Both musicians travel internationally to present their exciting musical blend all over the globe.