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Indian Classical Music is an improvised art form that seamlessly melds tradition with innovation. Each performance is an expedition to seek that which is new and to connect to something higher. In concert, Kamaljeet and Jas take the audience with them on that journey, exploring transcendent ragas and intricate rhythmic patterns along the way. Performing becomes the ultimate form of learning and discovery, and thus, is the principal service that Absolute Focus provides.




AF Studios serves as a Music Production facility that provides a diverse range of sound solutions. Kamaljeet and Jas begin each project by aligning themselves with the client’s vision, incorporating their combined creative skill sets to realize that vision. Services provided by AF Studios include:

  • Sonic Branding
  • Scoring for:
    • Trailers
    • Online content
  • Album/Single Production
  • South Asian/Indian instrument composition for:
    • Film/Television
    • Animation
    • Advertisements



Kamaljeet & Jas conduct Indian Classical Music (ICM) masterclasses and workshops at leading academic and learning institutions. Their lecture/demonstrations are tailored towards students of all levels (K-12, Undergraduate, and Post-Graduate). The workshops have a broad appeal to all students of music, regardless of genre. Students are provided with key concepts in Indian Classical music in a very hand-on manner that can open new dimensions to their current musical thinking and practices. They seamlessly interweave speaking, multimedia, and live performing as well as incorporate all five component strands in the California State Frameworks for the Visual and Performing Arts: artistic perception, creative expression, historical and cultural context, aesthetic valuing, and connections / relationships / applications.  Key tenets from the National Core Arts Standards for Music (Creating, Performing, and Responding) are also incorporated. A sample of topics may include:  

  • Instrument design/history
  • Raga (Melody)
  • Taal (Rhythm)
  • Spirituality (Sikh Perspective) 
  • ICM improvisational methodologies
  • Performance building activity
  • Applying ICM concepts:
    • to western music genres
    • to daily life (Respect, Empathy, Compassion, Diversity)



Absolute Focus uses Music and Art to help businesses connect with people. Whether these are connections amongst employees or connections to customers or sales leads, Absolute Focus’s live and recorded music services can provide tangible results that have an impact on the bottom line. Businesses have used Absolute Focus for:

  • Product Launches
  • Conference Entertainment
  • Annual Retreats
  • Diversity Initiatives
  • Brand Showcases
  • Customer Outreach
  • Festival Celebrations
    • Diwali
    • Holi
    • Eid
    • Vasaikhi

af Studios live

Kamaljeet and Jas curate a live concert and discussion series at AF Studios. They bring the best and brightest artists of Indian Classical and Light-Classical music to an intimate setting. They both grew up attending amazing concerts as fans. The best ones were always the private concerts held in intimate venues. Back in the day, the most famous and brightest stars of Indian Classical and Light-Classical music would fill their tours out by taking private concerts when no "hall" concert was scheduled. There was a concoction of elements that came together in the most fascinating way to create the perfect private concert:

  • A small and intimate venue (AF Studios, check)
  • The artists feeling of comfort to take more risks. Much like a stand-up comedian works the clubs for a year before filming his HBO or Netflix special, the house concert was the place where an artist took risks he normally wouldn't in an "hall" concert.
  • The questions! You could ask questions to the artist in between items and they would answer with examples, for everyone to hear! "You just sang Raga Tilak Kamod, but I don't get why it's different from Des" or "I heard artist X do it this way, you just did it completely different...why?"
  • The stories! Ok, granted, these can get out of hand sometimes. But seriously, musicians have the best stories and house concerts were a place to hear them as they related to what was just being played.
  • An audience's vocal appreciation. A hundred people saying ahh on sum is an adrenaline rush like no other, or when someone just plays a phrase that rips your heart out and the audience is right there with their kya kehnay's. Vocal appreciation is a must.

Kamaljeet and Jas want re-create this environment at AF Studios for the new generation of music fans, so that they too can experience the magic of intimate concerts. They hold several events a year, be sure to join the mailing list to find out more.