Yaman (series 1)
24in x 24in (61cm x 61cm)
Oil and acrylic on board

Raga Yaman is an early evening Raga with a pleasant romantic nature. This Raga is often taught to students early in their training, but is often revisited in a whole new light when a musician reaches an advanced leve. This Raga was re-taught to Kamaljeet after marrying her husband Jaswinder by her Guruji – Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma. It marks a time of romance, her move overseas to California and the new beginning of a new life.

For this series, Kamaljeet explores her journey through womanhood by visually exploring the Ragas she became intimate with at various milestones in her life: Raga Jog – youth and freedom, Raga Kaunsi Kanada – serendipity and courtship by her future husband, Raga Yaman – marriage and new beginnings, Raga Bageshree – pregnancy and motherhood.

Yaman 2/2

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