Kaunsi Kanada (series 1)
24in x 24in (61cm x 61cm)
Oil and acrylic on board

Raga Kaunsi Kanada is a late evening Raga. It is warm, bright, and romantic. This marks the serendipitous start to the courtship by her future husband. This long distance relationship bridged England to California. To her, this Raga represents a time of travel, the warmth and energy of a new relationship, and a feeling of familiarity.

For this series, Kamaljeet explores her journey through womanhood by visually exploring the Ragas she became intimate with at various milestones in her life: Raga Jog – youth and freedom, Raga Kaunsi Kanada – serendipity and courtship by her future husband, Raga Yaman – marriage and new beginnings, Raga Bageshree – pregnancy and motherhood.

Kaunsi Kanada 1/2

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