Limited Limitlessness
Oil on canvas
91in x 28in (231cm x 71cm) 
This painting comments on the structure and the freedom of the Alaap (TheAlaap is the introduction to the Rasa (mood), rules and phrases of the Raga being performed).  The edge of the painting acts as a boundary line. All improvisations must happen within these boundaries. The smoke acts as an improvisation but must follow the constraints of ‘smoke’. It has to rise and can never fall, it has the freedom to go anywhere, reshape itself time and time again but all within the boundaries of its nature and of the physical picture plane. The colours have to follow the Rasa of the Raga, in this case wonderment (Adbhuta) and peace (Shanta), if a foreign colour were to be introduced then the atmosphere would cease to be that of the Raga that you are trying to depict.
If you follow the few simple rules of the Raga then creativity can be limitless.

Limited Limitlessness

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