Jhoole mein pawan ki aayi bahar
30in x 40in (76cm 102cm)
Oil on canvas

This series of work specially commissioned as part of the festivities around the International Indian Film Academy awards when they were held in Yorkshire. This exhibition took place at the Yorkshire Artspace in Sheffield.

This work is based on the timeless movie classic Baiju Bawara. Released in 1952 (directed by Vijay Bhatt), the film tells the tale of a legendary musician, Baiju Bawara, who is believed to have sung in the Mugal courts of India. Baiju (played by Bharat Bhushan) is the innocent son of a travelling musician who comes to believe that Tansen, the famed court musician of Emperor Akbar, is responsible for his father’s death. The film follows Baiju through his trials and tribulations of perfecting his musical craft and of his love (played by Meena Kumari) and loss which all lead up to a thrilling musical dual with Tansen to avenge his father’s death. As classical Indian music was the central theme of the film, it was imperative that the sound track reflect the beauty and power of this majestic tradition. The partnership of Naushad and Shakeel Badayuni rose to the challenge, producing one of the most critically acclaimed soundtracks of the time. Esteemed playback singers Mohammad Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar and Shamshad Begum all lend their voices to the score.

Kamaljeet’s work is concerned with the visual representation of the intangible feelings evoked through the classical soundtrack. She transcends the language barrier through the universal language of colour and builds images which help the audience interact and appreciate the film with new eyes.

Jhoole mein pawan ki aayi bahar

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