Even the rain couldn’t stop us!

Hi all,

! had a great time performing at the Fowler Museum last night. It was the perfect day for an outdoors performance, the sun was warm and bright with light warm winds. The evening was showcasing Ravi Deo’s compositions for dance and his own Tabla solo. The first half went well, with a group performance by students of UCLA of Gaayatri Kaundinya – Vocal, Shiva Ramamurthy – Violin, Kush Bhatt – Tabla and Aditya Ganesh on Mridangam. It was followed by Ravi’s great Tabla solo in the uncommon Jai Tal (13 beat cycle) with Dr Gopal Marathe acting as time keeper on the Harmonium, behind them the sun was setting nicely creating a great atmosphere during the performance.
During the stage change in the 15 mins interval the crowd was still buzzing for the second half. During a traditional invocation to Lord Ganesh sung by Nishad Marathe, the heavens opened with no warning and rained fat cool heavy rain for a few mins which was enough to cover the dance area with a thin shining film of water and for the musicians to quickly wrap up their piece and cover up the instruments and decide whether to carry on or not…!
It was Shweta Saraswat- Kathak dancer, who made the difficult call to continue on a soggy stage (hooray!) with remnants of rain still falling. (brave girl!)She was accompanied by Ravi, Dr Gopal Marathe, Nishad Marathe and Vivek Virani on Bansuri, and they all did a great job in the unexpected circumstances (the weather man said there would be no rain!). After a quick wipe of the stage and dance area, the rest of the night went well with lovely performances. The colours of dusk turning to dark inky blues created wonderful backdrops for the remaining performances, which were –

Meera Bhajan
Dr Seema Hanamsagar – Vocal
Dr Gopal Marathe – Harmonium
Vivek Virani – Bansuri
Ravi Deo – Tabla

Shiv Bhajan
Shweta Saraswat – Kathak
Gaayatri Kaundinya – Vocal
Rupesh Kotecha – Harmonium
Ravi Deo – Tabla

Cynthia Ling Lee – Kathak
Dr Seema Hanamasagar – Vocal
Rupesh Kotecha – Harmonium
Me – Santoor
Ravi Deo – Tabla

All in all the evening was a success and was very appreciated by the friendly up beat crowd! it would be great to do it again some time (minus the rain!).