One Hundred and Six Strings

Giuliano Modarelli and Kamaljeet Ahluwalia (Guitar and Santoor)

Two individuals. Two instruments. One hundred and six strings; strummed, hammered and interwoven. This is where mind and metal entwine to create a dynamic experience of innovative music within the ancient Indian frame. In an exciting collaboration, two outstanding musicians explore a new path; it is rising, falling, curving and revolving, anchored by devotion and driven by imagination. They give a classic sound a new meaning, with calm moments of enchanting resonance, electric jolts of energetic creativity, and the steady yet explosive pulse of the Tabla. Technically brilliant and inspiringly innovative, One Hundred and Six Strings will reverberate vibrantly and breathe new life into a proud and vast tradition.

One Hundred and Six Strings presents the spectacular, rising stars – Giuliano Modarelli on Guitar, and Kamaljeet Ahluwalia on Santoor, currently the only young representatives of their chosen instruments in the British Indian Classical scene. This fiery duo possess a tremendous passion and precision for their craft, generating virtuosic performances and heralding a mature understanding beyond their years. They have explored many different styles of music and have worked with national and international artists, including acclaimed dancer and choreographer Akram Khan, Mercury Music prize winner Talvin Singh, Grammy Award winning Tabla star Bikram Ghosh, Samay, Paban Das Baul and Phoenix Dance Theatre.

With their undeniably unique sound and bold attitude towards composition and improvisation, these diverse artists promise to deliver a truly unforgettable performance.

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Raga Charukesi was recorded in Leeds in 2011.

The full version of Raga Charukesi is available to buy on Giuliano Modarelli’s album ‘Englobed’ which you can purchase by clicking on the round icons below.


Raga Charukesi – one hundred and six strings

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